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China Beijing Tours
Three-Day Essential Tour


In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel and directly taken to the Tiananmen Square. (Our guide will contact you in advance to confirm the pickup time.Usuallythe night before your tour around 20:pm)

The tour starts at 8:00. Our driver and guide will take you to the first stop – Tiananmen Square. Located at the heart of Beijing, the most popular spot in Beijing.   It is ranked as the largest city square in the world and is able to accommodate one million people for public gatherings, equals to 60 football fields.

8:45 -11:30

After a short walk you will through the square you will be in the Forbidden City, the largest palace complex in the world, known as the imperial residence for 24 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties (1420-1911), the 600-year-old palace was listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.


Lunch at a local Beijing restaurant –Big Bowl Restaurant


Rickshaw ride along Hutong Area

What is Hutong

  Hutong in Mongolian languages means water well. Hutong history can be traced back to 700 years ago. At that time, Beijing was a city lacking in water, and water resources was crucial to people’s living , so local people’s houses formed around digged water well.

  Si He Yuan, depicts the typical courtyard where local people’ live. Usually, rooms located on four sides of the yard were assigned to different people to live according to Chinese Fengshui culture: elder people in the north, son in the east, daughter in the west while servants live in the south.

  The life pace inside the Hutong is slower than modern avenues. The narrowness of the Hutong discourages heavy traffic. So we often can see local residents, especially the elder generation playing cards, Chinese Chess or just chatting with each other relaxingly.

Hopping on a rickshaw and riding through the maze of hutongs to discovery old Beijing, and visit a local 240-year old courtyard, have a chat with this local family. Then have a short afternoon walk to Drum Tower ,climbing 76 steps up to the top have a bird eye view of Old Beijing Hutong Area.


8:00 Pick up from hotel

8:00-12:30 visit the Great Wall

1.5-2 hours drive to Great Wall at Mutianyu Section

Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the best-preserved sections. It is less crowded with surroundings of beautiful mountains and forests. Instead of spending 30 minutes hiking up steps to Great Wall.Your guide will take a Cable car with you to the Great Wall and then enjoy your time on the Wall .Good chance for you to take a view of the Great Wall. Then you can choose to take cable car down or take a toboggan down.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Lunch will be in a local Green House Restaurant

15:00-16:00 Visit one the Thirteen Ming Tombs-Changling

Ming Dynasty Tombs are the burying area for 13 Ming Dynasty emperors. They are all located at the foot of Heavenly Longevity Mountain. This site was chosen according to Chinese Fengshui (geomancy) principles. The evil winds from the north must be deflected, so an arc-shaped area at the foot of the mountain was selected. The tombs were designed with great importance attached to the harmony between the nature and human being. Its construction had been going on for over 200 years. However, some of them got damaged by the Qing troops in the end of the Ming Dynasty. In 2003, the Ming Tombs were listed by UNESCO as world heritages.

Then Drive back hotel

Day 3

8:00 Hotel pick up then drive you to Temple of Heaven

8:30-9:30 Visit Temple of Heaven

Walking through the park of Temple of Heaven ,watch local people playing cards sitting on the 308m long corridormatch-making for their children, practicing Taiji ,enjoying their retirement life. Then heading to the main spot-The Temple of Heaven.

The Temple of Heaven is located in the southeast of Beijing, built in the year of 1420 for worshipping the God of Heaven. In 1918, it was open to the public. In 1998, the Temple of Heaven was listed by UNESCO as one of the world heritages.

  The main structure inside is the Hall of Praying for Good Harvest, the Eco Wall,and the Circular Mound Alter. The layout of the Temple of Heaven is circular in the north and square in the south, because ancient Chinese people believe in the concept that the sky is round in shape while the earth is square in shape.

Drive to Summer Palace

10:15-12:00 Visit Summer Palace

Summer Palace is the best preserved imperial garden in China, which has a history over 250 years. In Chinese language, we call it the Garden of Joyfulness and Harmony. It is located about 12 km northwest to the centre of Beijing.   The Long Corridor inside the garden broke the World Guinness Record for being the worlds longest covered painted veranda”. There are over 14,000 traditional Chinese paintings along the corridor. Enjoy several hours visiting classic imperial garden ,nice breath from this 200 football field size man-made lakepleasant dragon-shape boat cruise.

12:30-13:40 Lunch

14:15-15:00 Visit Olympic Stadium (outside look )

Walk closer to Birds Nest and Water Cube, and take nice pictures.

Drive to Jingshan Park

15:30-16:15 Visit Jingshan Park

Climb up the hill standing at the Wanchun Pavilion have a panoramic view of Forbidden city.

Jingshan Park is located at the back of Forbidden City along the city central axis from south to north which is the city central point. To its north are Drum Tower and Bell Tower while the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square can be seen to the south .

17:00 Drive back hotel

Recommended Night Activities

Acrobatic Shows

Price:CNY280 CNY 380 CNY480 CNY680 CNY880

Time:16:00-17:00   17:30-18:30 19:00-20:00

The Legend of Kungfu Show

Price:CNY280 CNY 380 CNY480 CNY680 CNY880

Time:17:15-18:20   19:30-20:45

Beijing Opera at Liyuan Theatre

Price:CNY280 CNY 380 CNY480 CNY680 CNY880


Tour Price



123456over 6


-English-speaking tour guide

-Air-conditioned vehicle

-Gas, toll & parking lot fee

-Lunch in a local Chinese Restaurant

-Entrance tickets to the sights listed above

Excluded (Not Included)



-Gratuity to the guide and driver

-Personal Costs

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