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Beijing Roasted Duck

A saying goes like this ; There are three things you must do in Beijing:Climb the Great Wall ,eat Beijng Roasted Duck,shop at Silk Market.After 45 minutes in the oven ,you will be presented a glossy and shiny roasted duck.Our chef will show you an art of slicing the duck into 88 pieces,each contains both meat and skin.

Best Roasted Duck Restaurants in Beijing


(over 150 years history,the most well-known Beijng duck restaurant in the world)


(around 30 years history,the most authentic and artistic restaurant in Beijing)


(nearly 600 years history,the most popular and acknowleged by local Beijing citizens)

Hot-Pot in China

Hot pot -is the most famous and favorite dish in China.People gather around a small pot boiled with charcoal,electric or gas filled with flavorful and nutritious soup base.Thin sliced raw lamb,fish,beef,and all kinds of vegetables are boiled in the soup.Then you dip them in a small bowl of sesame sauce.

Best Hot-Pot Restaurant in Beijng

1.Donglaishun Hot-Pot

(103 years history,considered the best Beijing local hot-pot)

2.Haidilao Hot-Pot

 (22 years history,the most popular one,renowned of its service)

3.Xiabuxiabu Hot-Pot

(18 years history,modern,economical)

Cantonese Food

Dim Sum

Cantonese food-Mild,fresh,original flavor.

There is a sayingCantonese eat everything with four legs except tables and everything that flies except airplanes”.Some of the dishes you may never eat which contains dogs,cats,silk worms,snakes or wild animals.But we recommend you some authentic cantonese food which are considered delicacy.

1.Dim Sum

 Steamed rice dumplings,Steamed rice and chicken wrapped with lotus leaves.

2.Tea-smoked duck Soy sauce chicken

3.Seafood soup

Recommended Restaurants                                                                          

1.Nanyuejiayan Restaurant

 124#,Gexin Road, Haizhu district 020-84331222

2.Longjingxuan Restaurant

 IFC Tower,8 Finance Street,HK