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Silk Market

Silk Market has a history over 38 years, which accommodates over 1000 retail vendors, selling all sorts of world famous brands, clothes ,bags ,suitcases,watches ,digital products such as Reebok, Gucci, Prada. However, very few of these products are the real things. Although selling Knock-off thingsthere are still many tourists coming far from abroad enjoying bargaining in the Silk Market Mall instead of going to a set-priced products mall. Remember “No price is fixed”. 20-30 percent of the original pricewill be the reasonable price.

Hongqiao Pearl Market

Hongqiao Perarl Market is considered the largest and most popular market for pearls. Although its name is Pearl Market,not only sell perarls, also clothes , cheap electronic products like CD players, SIM cards, sunglasses, cameras, etc. The things you buy tend to be real ones or made-in China replicas.

Panjiayuan Antique Market

Panjiayuan Antique Market

As one of the most popular antique markets,Panjiayuan Antique Market covers an area of 45,000 square meters and hasdifferent sections: the sculpture section,the ancient furniture section, the books section, the jade section,etc.

For those who like something reallyChinese, Panjiayuan Antique Market is a must-see place.

Qianmen Street

Qianmen Street

Qianmen Street is located at the south of Tiananmen Square. It is the ancient Beijing commercial center with a lot of time-honored restaurants, shops, theatres. Nowadays, after 2008-2010 renovation, it reopen to tourists for tasting old Beijing and its glorious history.

This is also a good place to buy local Beijing souvenirs, such as jade chops, tea ,paper cut.